The name BigBo seems to have appeared on the ATV market quite recently.

Behind it is history, people, the realization of a dream, a lot of work, creating prototypes, searching for successful solutions, the excitement of the first test drive ...

BigBo is the dream rover without exaggeration! This is not just a universal ATV and a swamp-going amphibia on low-pressure tires. It is a comfortable car with a unique suspension and interior.

The development of the BigBo ATV started in 2014. At that time, the first tasks were set and the concept began to be developed by an international team of specialists. Over time, we got the ATV that we produce en mass today, which we assemble manually as a modular system.

Песок трасса1 (2)_compressed.jpg

BigBo is an ATV designed and manufactured in Russia for outdoor activities with comfort. The vehicle is designed for those who love virgin nature, as well as fishing and hunting in remote corners of the planet.

Getting to such places is often possible only with special off-road equipment - amphibious swamp-going vehicles that can overcome high obstacles and deep water barriers.

BigBo is power and high cross-country ability combined with the quality and comfort of a modern car.



  • BigBo has no typical units. All the units were selected empirically and adapted to the harsh conditions of the off-road operation.

  • The ATV is distinguished by outstanding ergonomics: the entrance group will remind you of an airplane door, steering resembles a motorcycle steering wheel, and a spacious lounge will hint that you are inside an elite car!

  • Driving BigBo is intuitively easy: we equipped it with the brake and gas pedals (not levers!), which makes no confusion, and the side-turn system fascinates from the first movements.

  • Being inside BigBo, sitting in the pilot’s seat, feeling the ability to overcome all obstacles of impassability - the pleasure of operating the car is hard to put into words. As the saying goes: It is better to see once than to hear twice!

As the famous proverb says, it is better to see once than to hear twice.

Want to know the details of the design, aggregate units, one-of-a-kind tires? Stay tuned with BigBo!

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 BigBo in Yachting Magazine
BigBo in Yachting Magazine
 BigBo in an advertisement for a cult German fashion designer
BigBo in an advertisement for a cult German fashion designer
 BigBo at Ragnar's arsenal
BigBo at Ragnar's arsenal
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BigBo at "Unlim 500 +"